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Car Phone Holders - Scosche Makes Some Great Ones

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There are many types of car phone holders. We will look at the Scosche MagicMount (the Aukey magnetic car smartphone holder), the TechMatte-mounted base and Scosche’s universal vent mount. We will also discuss which ones are best for the purpose of holding your phone in the best possible way. Don't forget: you can get a mount specially designed for your smartphone!

Scosche MagicMount

If you want to mount your phone in your car, Scosche makes some pretty great phone holders. MagicMount Pro magnetic car phone mounting will work with most smartphones. The mount is secured to your phone with automotive-grade adhesive. Scosche also offers magnetic versions of the MagicMount to fit both Android and iPhone smartphones. Scosche also makes accessories for mobile devices, including car phone holders.

The Scosche MagicMount is a simple and effective phone holder. It comes with a magnetic mount which attaches to any vehicle surface. You can rotate the display of your mobile phone. It can even be used on the dashboard. Scosche MagicMount is supplied with clear instructions and protective film. It can fit almost anywhere on your dashboard. The small footprint makes it easy to move. The mount also uses a gorilla-strength bond and is highly flexible.

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Magnetic car phone holder by Aukey

The Aukey Car Magnetic Holder is a versatile mounting solution for your dashboard. The magnetic force of the magnet holds your phone in place, keeps it out-of-the way and allows you easy access to music, GPS, and other controls. You can also set it up according to your own preferences with the included user manual. This handy device ensures that you will never lose your phone again - whether it be your mobile phone or your GPS.

The magnetic car phone mount is not very discrete, and it sticks out in your car. Although the design isn't very attractive, it has a matte black rubber finish. It also features a rotating lower section so that you can rotate it to your preferred viewing angle. The magnetic head is strong enough to hold the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and Pixel 3 XL. While car phone mounts using stronger magnets were possible in the past (although this particular design does NOT require a holder), it's worth noting.

TechMatte's CD-mounted base

TechMatte magnetic Mount is a versatile device that securely holds your phone. Its telescopic arm can rotate 360 degrees and is fully adjustable. It can support phones with screens sizes ranging from 3.5 inches to 7 inches. A quick-release button on the back of the phone allows you to easily adjust your phone's position. Mount installation is straightforward. Simply place the phone in the CD slots and screw a side handle to secure it.

Suction cups attach to most surfaces including dashboard vents, and the CD-mounted base car phone holders features. It is designed to be easily placed anywhere without damaging the car's interior. One drawback is that there aren't any articulation points. This can make it difficult to see the view. TechMatte’s car phone holder is easy to set up, has a strong magnetic grip, as well as being affordable.

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Scosche's universal vent mount

One of the most convenient ways to use a mobile phone while driving is by mounting it to a vehicle's vent. Scosche's universal vent mount car phone holder has flexible plastic backing and can be adjusted to any angle by using a 360-degree swiveling joint. This device is compatible for both Android phones and iPhones. It can also be used in portrait and landscape orientations. Scosche offers a lifetime limited warranty and lifetime tech support.

For a more secure grip, you can try the side mount, which is designed to fit over vent slats. However, the side mount doesn't grip your phone as tightly due to its design. It is important to make sure your phone is not dropped while you are braking. This can be very annoying. A suction mount can help to avoid this. It can be attached directly to the windshield, or air conditioning vent.

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Car Phone Holders - Scosche Makes Some Great Ones