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Top 5 Self Balance Unicycles

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A self balance unicycle, which is self-balancing personal transporter, can be steered by leaning forwards or backwards. It is powered by electric motors and uses gyroscopes to help you steer. In this article we will be looking at the top models currently available. Find out why they are so popular, and how you can own one. In this article we will be discussing the MTen3 and InMotion V10F as well the CXM Electric Unicycle.

Gotway MTen3

The MTen3 selfbalancing electric unicycle (MTen3) is a compact, yet powerful electric vehicle. There are three options for battery capacities. The larger battery packs give more range - up to 30 miles! Although smaller batteries have a greater range (25 miles at 25 mph), they are not suitable for use on rough terrain. The MTen3 could be your best choice if electric unicycles are new to you. Its 800-watt motor will make it easy to get around and it is surprisingly quiet.

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InMotion V10F

The INMOTION V10F electric self-balancing unicycle has an ergonomic design and an industry-leading power. This model is designed to provide safety and high performance. Features include a higher max speed and extended range, increased battery capacity, new safety features, and improved human-vehicle interaction. This self-balancing unicycle offers a convenient way to travel around the city or to simply relax.

CXM Electric Unicycle

The CXM Electric Unicycle self balances on one wheel and has a 2000-watt motor. It can reach speeds of up to 12mph (20 kilometers per hour) and can also be recharged quickly with a fast-charger. Depending upon the settings, the battery will last between 70 and 100 miles. The unit is lightweight and compact but powerful enough to move the rider along the street or in a parking lot.

Solowheel Glide 3 - InMotion

Solowheel Glide 3 from InM Otion is a self-balancing unicycle for under $100. As you ride down the street, this electric unicycle will be a hit with everyone. Its unique design and fun features make it a great machine to ride.

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Gotway Nikola

The Gotway Nikola unicycle is a self-balancing electric bicycle. Its name comes from the high-density led ring around it. This allows for excellent stability without sacrificing maneuverability and control. The Nikola features an integrated voltmeter and a Bluetooth speaker. It's one of the few electric unicycles with a built-in speaker. For a more casual ride, the Nikola is ideal for a short commute.

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Top 5 Self Balance Unicycles